Loyalty Points

We encourage all students to earn as many Loyalty Points as possible. Every year we have a Presentation Evening. This is our biggest event of the year. It involves students presenting karate, a massive award ceremony where we give out more than 60 awards, and the LP Shop where your points turn into Cash. All students who attend will be given vouchers in return for their LPs and can spend them all on amazing goodies available only on this one special evening.

It is a massive success and one the club invests in hugely. It is our way of recognising great efforts throughout the year, amazing achievements and students progress and success. 

There are so many ways you can earn Loyalty Points. Attendance, class competitions, double points week, online challenges, gradings and much more. 

The question is – who will be the top of the leaderboard come our 3rd Presentation Evening 2024? (And yes, even that gets an award)