Please find below some testimonials that have been written by our students / members.

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  • "It is truly unique to find an extra Curricular Club that is so motivating that your Child wished there were no breaks or holidays! Sensei Moley and Sensei Charlie are totally committed to their Karate School, Kosmo SKC and it shows on each and every child's face when class is over. They have a special relationship with each child and their encouragement is endless. Each child is taught to their ability and stretched even further. There is amazing respect and admiration that these children have for their Teachers, and in return the Teachers give the children tools to be confident, have self-belief and self-control.

    Kosmo School of Karate Champions is extremely well organised. Certificates and Medals are given out at each Grading and some trophy's are awarded for exceptional hard working students. I can only say, that by joining Kosmo SKC, it will be one of  the best decision you will ever make" - Parent of a student

  • "Ever since I started Karate, Sensei Moley, and now also Sensei Charlie, have both been incredibly warm and kind toward me and fellow students.
    Together they work as an amazing pair, running around 20 classes a week. Somehow they manage to concentrate on each specific child and meet each child's specific need.
    In the 4.5 years since I began, I now find myself a Brown Belt, and that is due to the help and dedication of both Sensei's. Karate has taught me many things, but especially confidence and self respect. Karate also teaches you how to control panic and fear, but as I continue to learn to control those feelings, so my confidence is boosted from week to week.
    I aim to work very hard to achieve my Black Belt, and make my wonderful Sensei's and family proud." - Jordan Reznik (Aged 11)


  • "I started doing karate at the age of 6 as a pastime in our local synagogue. It stopped being a pastime and it became a real serious sport for me when Sensei Moley Walsh took over a year later. Since then I developed my karate skills with the private support of Sensei Moley and by attending lessons at her Kosmo Shotokan Karate Club. With a lot of dedication and the continuing support of Sensei I have now attained the grade of Brown Belt at the age of 9. Karate is not just a physical sport for me, but something that also uses the mind and needs  great concentration." - Eden Shalet (Age 9)


  • "My granddaughter has been attending Shotokan Karate Club for nearly 2 yrs now and since going she has gained in confidence, and most importantly, learned self control. My granddaughter has a whole lot of new friends in her social network through learning Karate. She Is now grading for her yellow belt, Sensei Moley has taught her so much  and showed her she has talent  for karate and self discipline. Her favourite thing she loves is doing the splits for the whole class to see. If you need to ask anything Sensei is always available outside of class as well. My granddaughter looks forward to going to karate every week, she now attends 3 times a week" - Diane Webster - Legal Guardian of Mary-Kate Kitchener.