About Us

It begins with a dark sky, and out of it comes a howling wind that lays waste to whatever stands in its path, this is symbolic of our journey and our mission to be the best at everything we do.

Our history is the core of our new image and our journey for continuous self-improvement is the inspiration for the new branding of Kosmo Shotokan Karate Club

Our circle represents our continuous journey, and how each of our students strives and inspires to be the best they can be, to this we add the pine leaf, the symbol representing us and our artform, since the creation of Shotokan Karate. This is our connection with each other, our ancestors and the nature around us.

To our logo, we add the backdrop of chi, flowing through everything we do, and our mission to train with both heart and soul.

We share our story in everything we do, on our clothes and branding, but more importantly, in the way we act.

Our new brand bases from history, but travels far into the present and future; and will be shared far and wide, across our community- and this begins with you.

Will you walk our path?

Meet Our Team

Meet the Team