Mini Ninjas

Our mini ninja class designed with 3-4 year olds in mind!
Explore key movement principles within a fun and safe environment!
Start your karate adventure today!
We pride ourselves in having an amazing planned termly structure for our littlest people. With ‘Assistant Coach Ruby’ at the heart of the program and the head Instructor overseeing the progress, we have already successfully promoted many of our ninjas up to our next classes and beyond. Two of which are already in our clubs competition squad training for Nationals!
We teach such a wide variety of amazing things: Balance, Direction, Structure, Discipline, Respect, Counting in Japanese, Instructions, Left & Right, N, S, E & W, Karate Basics: kicking, punching, blocking, team work, pad work, healthy competition, earning and achieving goals as well as basic age related first aid.
Aberford Hall


Our ‘Mini Ninjas’ class is catered for 3 and 4 year olds. Sometimes there may be a crossover where we move some 4 year old’s up to the ‘Little Ninjas’ class if they are ready. 

When first joining, your child can wear loose comfortable clothing, like a tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt. We train in bare feet. After a trial, you can order a special ‘Mini Ninjas’ tracksuit uniform through us. We have specific branded tracksuits to purchase for the ninja classes. Both ninja classes have the tracksuits as uniforms and you order a Gi (Karate uniform) when you move to the beginners class at 5pm.

In this class, we work on 4 core components that prepares them to move up to the ‘Little Ninjas’ class. We will work on very basic skills of karate, core strength and fitness and following clear instructions. At this age, all of our lessons are planned carefully to ensure we cover age appropriate content. We include games and physical drills and work on 5 core areas: Physical, Technical, Educational, Pyschological and Social skills. 

In this class our skills focus will be on Locomotion, Stabilisation, Coordination and Strength. We continue these areas in the next class up but add more components as they get older,

From the ‘Mini Ninjas’ class, children will move to the ‘Little Ninjas’ class which is half an hour later at the same venue. 

Mini is for 3 and 4 year olds,  We move students to the ‘Little Ninja’ class when we know they are ready and of age. 

Classes are held at Aberford Hall, Borehamwood. This class is on Tuesdys 4pm, followed by the ‘Little Ninjas’ at 4.30pm.

No. We do not to any formal grading exams or assessments on the students in this class, They are too young. This class is solely to help them build on fundamental skills. 

The following ninja class has 1 grading examination before moving to the beginners class. 

We would likely invite them to the Mini Ninjas class first. Once we can see what skills they have, we can assess from there which ninja class would be best, Remember the upper ninja class has the same elements as this class, except they have additional skill sets to learn on top. So if the student is already at a stage where they are good and able to perform the skill sets in this class, then we would move them to the upper class. If not, they would stay in this class until they reached the normal age to move up. 

We encourage each child to follow their own karate journey. It is a personal journey and about their own path of progression.

In the Mini and Little Ninja classes the licence fee is incorporated into the cost of the lessons. You only pay a yearly membership fee when you join the beginners class 6-11 years.

The only mandatory cost you will have apart from the lesson fees is the Mini/Little Ninjas tracksuit uniform. 

There are no grading exams at this level. The only other costs are optional for example, events or merchandise,

OCM stands for ‘Online Club Manager’. It is the system we use for students. It collects payments for lessons or additional events like seminars or trips etc. Students can book lessons through this system too. It also tracks students progress and holds personal information like emergency contact details, your current grade and licence number.

For ninja classes, the cost is £34.00 per month.

This cost has been worked out pro rata. You would pay monthly for 11 months of the year. You will not pay August. 

The lessons will run term time only, for example we will not run in Easter holidays, summer holidays etc. But August payment is not required. When you get to the bigger class – beginner/intermediate/advanced, the cost is a little higher and is required every month.

Our terms run alongside normal school times. We do appreciate some schools have different times. We put all dates on our FB Group ‘Kosmo Karate Lessons’ which all members should be a part of.

Click HERE to join if you are a member.