Little Ninjas

Our little ninja class designed with 5-6 year olds in mind!
We build on the fundamental movement skills and foundation of martial arts in a fun and secure environment. 
Start your karate adventure today!
We pride ourselves in having an amazing planned termly structure for our littlest people. With ‘Assistant Coach Ruby’ at the heart of the program and the head Instructor overseeing the progress, we have already successfully promoted many of our ninjas up to our next classes and beyond. Two of which are already in our clubs competition squad training for Nationals!

 We incorporate all the skill sets from the first class and progress these skills to ensure students learn to control their bodies, have better core strength, balance and motor skills, quicker thinking and a good sense of direction. Our aim is ensuring they have learnt good boundaries, listening skills, respect, how to follow instructions well and be prepared for the bigger class.
We teach such a wide variety of amazing things: Balance, Direction, Structure, Discipline, Respect, Counting in Japanese, Learning the 5 dojo kun rules in Japanese, Karate Basics: kicking, punching, blocking, team work, pad work, partner work, some grappling, the first exam syllabus, kata, healthy competition, earning and achieving goals as well as basic age related first aid.

Aberford Hall


Our ‘Little Ninjas’ class is catered for young children ages 5 and 6 years old. Sometimes there may be a cross over from the Mini Ninjas class for 4 year olds depending on progression. Also we may move some children up to the Beginners karate class at 5pm if they are ready.

When first joining, your child can wear loose comfortable clothing, like a tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt. We train in bare feet. After their trial session, you can order a special ‘Little Ninjas’ tracksuit uniform which we order for you. We will have specific branded tracksuits available for the ninja classes, When you move up to the beginners class, you would wear a Gi (Karate suit). And the great thing about this tracksuit is you can wear it out and about as normal also.

Children will be prepared for the beginners class for 6 years old and up in this class. We will work on basic skills of karate, core strength and fitness and following clear instructions. At this age, all of our lessons are planned carefully to ensure we cover age appropriate content. We include games and physical drills and work on 5 core areas: Physical, Technical, Educational, Pyschological and Social skills. 

This class will be slightly more challenging than the ‘Mini Ninjas’ as we now incorporate speed, flexibility, power and agility in these lessons. 

Our classes start at Mini Ninjas which caters for 3 and 4 year olds. This is held at 4pm. This class is for Little Ninjas from 4.30 – 5pm, catering for 5 and 6 year olds. Ninja classes are held at Aberford Hall, Borehamwood,  When they are ready to move up, they join the 5pm class for beginners 7yrs +. This is when they wear a Gi (Karate uniform) and take more serious exams going for their next belts. 

The beginners class is longer, for 45 minutes, Following this is the intermediate/advanced classes.

Yes. In this class we plan on grading students to 10th kyu (white belt orange stripe) towards the end of their journey so when they move up to the beginners class they will already fit in nicely.

We would suggest joining the Little Ninjas first so they can ease in to their karate journey. However they wouldn’t be in the class very long. It doesn’t matter if they did not grade in this class or we decide they can join the beginners class straight away because we always ensure they will learn what they need. Some students fit much better in the beginners class straight away. It really depends on the child. Remember, it is always about the students journey. They take their own path and progress when they are ready. There is no rush.

In the Mini and Little Ninjas class the licence fee is incorporated into the cost of the lessons. When you move up the the beginners class, you would need to pay for licences yearly. A licence is £45 per year. So you do not need to worry about this cost until later. 

The only mandatory cost you will have apart from the lesson fees is the Mini/Little Ninjas tracksuit uniforms which is coming real soon. 

Additional cost: Apart from any additional merchandise you may wish to buy, the only other additional cost would be for gradings/exams. At this level there would be 1. You do not have to participate in the gradings, but students will be invited to grading when we run them if they are ready.

The cost of the ninja classes are £34pcm

OCM stands for ‘Online Club Manager’. It is the system we use for students. It collects payments for lessons and additional events or trips. Students can book lessons through this system too. It also tracks students progress, holds personal information like emergency contact details and shows your grade and licence number.

For ninjas, our terms run alongside normal school times. We do appreciate some schools have different times. We put all our dates on our FB group ‘Kosmo Karate Lessons’ which all members should be a part of.

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