You arrange the food & Drink

We arrange the fun!


Saturdays & Sundays only for up to 3 hours! 
You do not have to be a member of our club or know Karate to book a party with Kosmo SKC. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

3 Hours: *£295.00 for up to 30 children (£5.00 per head for extra children)
2 Hours: *£245.00 for up to 25 children (£5.00 per head for extra children)
1 Hour:  *£199.00 for up to 20 children (£5.00 per head for extra children)
SPLIT THE COST – Just £105.00 extra for joint parties!

Price includes: Warm-Up, Pad work, Games, Music & Kick the Parcel with a free pair of mitts, Competition of Sparring with Medals for the winners. and a gift for the birthday boy/girl!

This price does not include the refreshments or the venue. If you wish us to hire a hall for the event, we will hold it at Brookside Boys Club, Borehamwood (Depending on availability) at £21.00 per hour! Please note that depending on the time that you book us for will depend on how much we can fit in at the party!

Would you like us to supply the going home presents? We can supply the following:
Engraved Medal & Ribbon (Your child’s name & party date on the reverse)
From £2.60 per child
Trophy with Engraving (Your child’s name & party date on the plate)
From £5.00 per child

For more information please contact Sensei Moley on 07701 087 040 or complete the booking form below and we will get in contact with you.



Operation Discipline, Otherwise known as 'Kick-Ups' (Kick up the ----)  is a popular service where you would book a Sensei for a Saturday or Sunday morning to come round and take your child or partner on a serious workout. You can book anytime from 5.30am and either let them know that we are coming or ask us to drag them out of bed and get them up bright and early!

This unique service is used for many reasons:

  • If you think your they would enjoy the session
  • For discipline and a healthy work-out
  • To think about Karate as soon as they get up
  • As a practice tool for Karate, bettering yourself or getting ready for grading!
  • If you find your child misbehaving, slacking or becoming lazy
  • Or, as a bribe ... 'If you don't do what I asked, You are doing Operation Discipline this weekend!' (Generally works!)

You can book us for 1 hour up to 3 hours for the morning, we cater for you specifically and you do not have to be a member of our club to use this service nor do you need to know Karate. It all depends on why you want it. You can have more than 1 person in a session (but would need to be in the same household that morning) and this can be for adults or children or both! This training is not in a hall, it will be outside in the fresh air, sun, rain or snow! Our prices are below:

  • 1 hour session - £70.00
  • 2 hour session - £110.00
  • 3 hour session - £150.00

For more information on 'Operation Discipline' or to book your session please email Sensei@kosmoskc.com or call Sensei Moley on 07701 087 040 or alternatively complete the booking form below and we will contact you.

*Please note that 'OD' is a popular choice and so the weekends are subject to availability. Please book early for specific dates to avoid disappointment.


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