Kosmo Bag

Velcro Shoulder Bag embroidered with club logo and the name of your choice.

Please write in the box what name you wish to have embroidered. Please leave blank if no name wanted.

Licence and Membership Fee

Payment for your annual club Licence, Membership  and Insurance. Please select if New Member of Renewal. If you are a new member, please ensure that you complete a Membership form that you can get from your Sensei.
Everyone in our club MUST have a valid Licence & Membership,  If you do not, you will not be able to train at our club or attend any events or the grading days.

Gi (Karate Uniform) inc embroidery

Use this option to pay for your Gi.
Do not pay UNLESS you have spoken to Sensei Moley first for sizing.


The mouthguards we supply need to be put in hot water to soften so you can mould them to the shape of your mouth. Instructions are on the back of the bag, so please ensure you read them properly before opening.

Every student is requested to have a mouthguard for the purpose of Jiyu Kumite (Free Sparring)


Use this option to pay for your belt. Please specify the students name and belt colour.

NOTE: You can only buy belts for grades you have reached.

Fighting Mitts

Karate Mitts, These are the bigger, newer mitts we use.

Every student is requested to have a pair of Mitts for the purpose of Jiyu Kumite (Free Sparring)

T-shirt with Embroidery (Black)

A black t-shirt with Kosmo SKC embroidered on the front for a neat finish.

Please specify if you are a Junior or Adult, and your size - S/M/L/XL

Hooded Jumper with Embroidery (Black)

We have designed a warm hooded jumper with the Kosmo SKC logo neatly embroidered on the front to ensure you cover your Gi top and belt when leaving the dojo.

Kosmo ask that no-one walks outside showing their gi top and belt as this may cause a unnecessary confrontation that could have otherwise been prevented. Always respect your uniform.

Please specify when ordering if you are a Junior or Adult and state what size you would like - S/M/L/XL