Interview of The Month: October

  • Name: Georgia Shaw
  • Age: 11
  • Karate Class - Brookside Boys Club
  • Current Belt - 5th  Kyu Purple Belt
  • Nickname: Gazelle
  • What are your hobbies? Do you do any other sports?: I am not with any other clubs, Karate is my main hobby. I am very sporty bur I love Singing, writing, reading, drawing and definitely shopping.
  • You have won a few medals now at grading, how do you feel about this?: I feel really good, it is nice to know you get medals. You can't get a medal if you don't try hard so it's a way that I know I have tried my best.
  • You have passed with distinction a few times and fallen under an immediate double grade, but you have never actually double graded. What are your thoughts on this?: I would love to double grade, I felt disappointed but I looked at it in a positive way as I put my head down to focus more and work my head off.
  • What do you find tricky in Karate?: Press-ups for sure. Ippons are hard to learn but repeating it makes it easier.
  • Have you ever done another Martial Art?: No
  • What is your aim in Karate?: To keep going. I don't care if I get to a black belt. I just want to learn to defend myself. This is the most important thing to me the older I get.
  • At our club, we implement a lot of discipline and encourage karate as a way of life - how do you incorporate this into your own life? How has this helped you?: I always practice by myself and with my sister. We do the splits, press ups and sit ups. I listen to my PE teacher a lot more now. I learned that if you don't do things right, things can go wrong so you need to make yourself better.
  • What do you enjoy the most in class?: Kata, basics and bulldog.
  • What was your first thought on Karate on your first day? And what are your thoughts now?: I don't really get what I'm doing, it's probably important but I am not sure why. And now - Sticking at it has paid of, to put your head down to achieve your best and that practice makes perfect.
  • Many students respect you and look up to you! What advice would you give someone that has just started?: Listen to Sensei as she is the only person to help you to become the best. Train and practice, and get support from your friends. Have a positive attitude and it becomes fun, if not, you won't stick at it.
  • What important things have you learned since joining our Karate club?: Don't stress over the tiniest of things as every hurdle can be jumped over.
  • What advice would you give to someone that may have failed their grading?: Don't give up because if you do, then there are many things in life that will beat you. If you fail, you try again and again. You work at it. Things like this should make you strong.
  • Up to now which Kata is your favourite?: Heian Sandan
  • Your sister 'Rhianna' also does Karate, do you ever help her at home, or do you have the sister fights when trying to work together?: I would help her if she let me. Sometimes she asks for help, and I am happy. I hear she talks about me in lesson and says good things which makes me feel good. We do fight sometimes, but doesn't every sibling.
  • Tell us something strange about you. Is there anything that you can do that not many other people can? Or something that you know that you want to share?: I am brilliant at Hula Hooping. I can keep going and going. I won a competition once.
  • And finally, please can you give everyone a tip of the month from you!: Umm, oooo laa laa, keep smiling because when you do you can see the world in a better light.

Sensei's Message:

Georgia has become a role model in our club, she takes the art seriously and is very popular. She is always willing to help others and shows support amongst her fellow karate-ka. She has come leaps and bounds since she first started and is turning into a very respectful young lady who is very, very good at karate. This interview took place just before July's grading. We have been extra busy and did not have time to do one each month. Since this interview. Georgia has manged to double grade and she is now a 3rd Kyu Brown Belt. So well done Georgia. We are very proud of her!