Pre Grading & Grading Day Nov 2019

Choose this option to pay for the Pre-Grading Day (17th Nov) and Grading Day (24th Nov)

These two events are held at Aberford Hall, Borehamwood. Please see FB page for details.

Please note that the price is tiered. The price in brackets is if you pay in advance by 17.11.19. Please make sure you choose the correct option when paying and write your child's name in the box. The belt you are selecting is your CURRENT BELT (except for black)

White / Orange / Red Belts £40.00 (£35)

Yellow / Green / Purple / P.White Belts - £45.00 (£40)

Brown Belts - £50.00 (£45.00)

Brown 1 Stripe - £55.00 (£50.00)

Black - Adult £120 / Junior £100 (Black Belt not included for these gradings)

You cannot exchange/swap/cancel your place once it is booked. Refunds will not be offered if you do not turn up on the day. Under exceptional circumstances, students that cannot attend may be able to arrange an alternative day but will need to speak to the chief instructor regarding circumstances (subject to additional fee).

Licence and Membership Fee

Payment for your annual club Licence, Membership  and Insurance. Please select if New Member of Renewal. If you are a new member, please ensure that you complete a Membership form that you can get from your Sensei.
Everyone in our club MUST have a valid Licence & Membership,  If you do not, you will not be able to train at our club or attend any events or the grading days.

Gi (Karate Uniform) inc embroidery

Use this option to pay for your Gi.
Do not pay UNLESS you have spoken to Sensei Moley first for sizing.


The mouthguards we supply need to be put in hot water to soften so you can mould them to the shape of your mouth. Instructions are on the back of the bag, so please ensure you read them properly before opening.

Every student is requested to have a mouthguard for the purpose of Jiyu Kumite (Free Sparring)

Fighting Mitts

Karate Mitts, These are the bigger, newer mitts we use.

Every student is requested to have a pair of Mitts for the purpose of Jiyu Kumite (Free Sparring)


Please select this option if you are a brown belt and above and on a grading gap and are grading for badges. This is not for belt gradings. Badge Grading only. Please write students name and badge choices in box.

Please make sure you have submitted the numbers from the categories to your instructor so they know which badges you are grading for. This must be done 2 weeks before grading so we can prepare the paperwork and ensure we have the badges in stock.

Badge entry is £15.00 and then you can choose how many badges you are going to enter for:

1-3 (£8) 4-5 (£12) 6-7 (£16) 8-10 (£1.50 extra per badge) Prices are automatically worked out for you when you select the amount.