We will be in 2 different papers this week - Thursday 11th October 2012  - The Watford Free Newspaper and the Harrow Times.

Newsquest will be advertising our club with our new family packages and deals.  You can also find our business cards in Tesco, Borehamwood.


When Channel 5's show Big Brother got in contact with us needing Karate outfits for their online shoot, we were only happy to help.


A few days back we were pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from staff of the popular Channel 5 TV show BigBrother, who were looking for a local Karate club to assist them. We were very happy to help out the local show with is filmed just 5 minutes away from us in Borehamwood.




I have had a meeting with another club in North London. We will be going head to head in a competition with them which is planned to be on Sunday 3rd February. The competitions being held on the day are Team Kata which MUST be made up of a team of 3 and Kumite - free fighting. The fighting will be split into 3 groups - Beginners to Red Belts, Yellow to Purple White Stripe Belts and Brown and up. This way it will be fair and we will try and pair you up with someone that of the same age/height/belt as best as we can. Information about this competition will be sent after grading. We will hopefully be setting up a Sunday lesson in order for people to train for the competition. If it is a successful day, we will be holding a lot more competitions and hope that our club can win many more.

You do not have to apply for both, if you wish to do just Kata or Kumite then you can compete in just one.


SENSEI FIONA HAS NOW LEFT OUR WEEKLY LESSONS - Kosmo would like to say a HUGE thank you to Sensei Fiona. She is still very much a part of our club, and although will be unable to teach in any of our lessons, we are still planning on getting her down for gradings. So do not panic - you will still get to see her.
In the meantime, we all hope she settles in at Southampton University and wish her the very best of luck. She will be missed massively. X

PLEASE NOTE that Veolia Water will be replacing the large trunk main that feeds the smaller mains in Borehamwood. This is a big job starting on 13th August and finishing in March 2013.
The following roads will be affected during these works, so if you are coming to Brookside, please make sure you have planned your journey appropriately:
Allum Lane - Jan-13 to Feb-13
Aycliffe Road - Aug-12 to Sept-12
Baldock Way - Nov-12
Brook Road - Oct-12
Eldon Avenue - Sept-12 to March-13
Elstree Way - Oct-12 to Dec-12
Fairway Avenue - Oct-12
Leeming Road - Nov-12 to Jan-13
Shenley Road - Sept-12 to Jan-13
Theobald Street - Sept-12 to Nov-12

If any of you need to be re-routed to get to BBC, please let me know.