Kata: JION - Meaning Love & Goodness (named after the temple)


You will be doing Jiyu Kumite (Needing mitts and mouthguards) - Here is a video to show you some good pointers.


You will not be doing Basic one step Ippons in this grading. However you will be doing semi-free basic one step sparring. I have attached plenty of videos here to show you some good techniques. The 'Shotokan Man' is a good guide as he explains everything step by step:





Mae Geri:


Yoko Geri Kekomi


Mawashi Geri:


Ushiro Geri:


I hope this gives you some understanding of what is expected of you in the kumite section.

I have added another video below to show you some good and practical Bunkai for Bassai Dai. The whole kata is explained in application.