When you start Karate you wear a white belt. This is the beginning step to learning Shotokan Karate.

Some clubs order their belt colours differently, and some clubs have a different amount of kyu grades. Below we have outlined how we rank each belt.

Kyu grades are generally the same. a Kyu grade informs someone what standard you are at. For instance, if you are a 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt), you are 3 away from a Black Belt. Once you achieve your black belt, it is no longer called a Kyu grade. They are then referred to a 'Dan Grade' 段.

Kyu (級 Kyū) is a lower ranking system and Dan (段 Dan) is referred to the Black Belt system. The words mean Grade/Degree/Rank!

White Belt - Beginner

White Belt with an Orange Stripe - 10th Kyu

Orange Belt - 9th Kyu

Red Belt - 8th Kyu

Yellow Belt - 7th Kyu

Green Belt - 6th Kyu

Purple Belt - 5th Kyu

Purple Belt with a White Stripe - 4th Kyu

Brown Belt - 3rd Kyu

Brown Belt with a White Stripe - 2nd Kyu

Brown Belt with 2 White Stripes - 1st Kyu

Black Belt - 1st Dan / Shodan