Belts and Badges

The order of belts

White Belt – Beginner

White Belt/Orange Stripe – 10th Kyu

Orange Belt – 9th Kyu

Red Belt – 8th Kyu

Yellow Belt – 7th Kyu

Green Belt – 6th Kyu

Purple Belt – 5th Kyu

Purple/White Stripe Belt – 4th Kyu

Brown Belt – 3rd Kyu

Brown 1 Stripe Belt – 2nd Kyu

Brown 2 Stripe – 1st Kyu (And Brown/Black)

Black Belt – Shodan (1st Dan)


When a student gets to a brown belt (3rd Kyu) they then have grading gaps between belts. In these gaps they grade for badges instead.

We incorporated badge gradings for students so that their standard increases to aid them on their journey to their first black belt (Shodan).

A brown belt needs to have 1 grading gap before they go for their next belt, In this gap, they assist the instructors at grading, helping and supporting lower grades through a journey the brown belt student has been through themselves. 

This also tests the students knowledge of previous grades as it is always important they remember everything they have learned when progressing through the belts.

The brown belts first badge grading offers 6 badges they can grade for.. They need 3 badges to pass and 2 out of the 6 are mandatory badges: #60-Dojo Kun & #69-20 x Exercise.  

The brown belt need to pass #60 & #69 plus one other badge in order to be eligible to belt grade the next time. 

When a student gets to brown 1 Stripe, they then have 2 mandatory gaps. They have more badges to choose from and one mandatory badge on each badge grading. They will still be assisting the instructors during grading times.

A brown 2 stripe belt has a minimum of 3 grading gaps with 3 badge gradings and they have to have earned a certain amount of badges to be eligible to go for their black belt belt. 

The badge system depending on what belt you are tells the student what they need to do. For example, 1 x mandatory, 2 x previous category, 1 x badge chosen by Sensei, 3 x current category. 

When a student reaches a 3rd kyu brown belt level, the badge system is emailed to them so they can work towards the badges they wish to go for.

Badges are designed to allow the student to work on basic moves that are expected to be definitive when they are going for their black belt. At gradings, instructors grade students harshly for their badges and each section of a badge must be passed and of a high standard to be successful.