Beginners 7yrs +

Our children’s beginner classes are designed to create hard working, confident kids who strive to better their character and aim for the stars!!

We have high standards in our club and proudly create amazing black belts.
Our motto is Learn. Strive. Inpire. Because karate is a way of life, not just a hobby. And every student goes on their own journey of always learning new things, always striving to be better and then inspiring others to reach their goals.
In the beginners lessons, children will learn a massive variety of things:
Karate Basics, Partner work, Kata, Application, Sparring, Pad Work, Fitness, Stamina, Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Kicks/Strikes/Punches’Blocking, Grappling, Team Work, First Aid, and most importantly Respect!

We welcome anyone that wishes to join our karate family here at Kosmo. So if you wish to trial, then click on the buton above and we’ll see you real soon!

5:00pm – 5.45pm
Aberford Hall

5:00pm – 5.45pm
Aberford Hall


Our beginners class is for brand new beginners from 7 years and up. It is also for our oldest Ninjas who are being promoted up a class. Ninjas will be promoted when they are 7 and/or they have graded/took exams.

When first joining, they can come in loose comfortable clothes, for e.g tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. 
After you have trialled, if you sign up you can order a ‘Gi’ (the uniform) through us. They are £30 and come with the top bottoms, white belt and our branded logo. It is not mandatory unless you are sitting exams. Most students order on sign up, but you do not have to if you wis to wait.

We run 2 x beginner classes which we encourage all students to attend. 
We find standards are much higher and we get less people fail on exam days/gradings if they train at least twice.
Both Tuesday & Thursday lessons are held at Aberford at 5pm to 5.45pm.
The cost is £65pcm however if, in the event, a student can only train once a week, they can take up a subscription for £50pcm.
We can upgrade you whenever you are ready to train twice per week.


Grading days are held 3 x a year. Generally they are around March, July & November.
All students should practice their exam syllabus and prepare for their exams. We are a club that ensures students ‘earn’ their belts. We do not pass students just because they attended, We want children of all ages to learn from the start that hard work pays off, and what you earn is precious. This is how we create amazing black belts.

Mandatory costs: A yearly licence fee which is £45 per annum. The first fee is due after your trial.
Presentation Evening which is held once a year. Price is around £8 per person. You will be able to read about this evening on the Presentation Evening Tab.

Other costs but not mandatory:
Gradings, Uniform, Club Tracksuit (mandatory if you are in the squad team), seminars, outside competitions, events.


We pride ourselves on having a 5 star rating across the board on all platforms for our Karate Club.