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Kosmo Shotokan Karate Club

Established in 2008, Kosmo SKC has gone from strength to strength. Now running a combination of open classes, contracted classes within schools and youth clubs, and private 1-to-1 tuition, Kosmo SKC has multiple classes running every day of the week.

We are a fully licensed member of the MAGB. Sensei Moley is looking to kick on and build the company up with a view to opening up more schools - whether these be open classes, contracted classes with schools, synagogues, churches and youth centers in the area or through their affiliations.
Running 3 Grading Exam days a year Kosmo SKC provide constant progression for all their students. At each grading medals are also handed out to the best students during the previous 4 months including a chief girl/woman and chief boy/man receiving trophies.

Sensei Moley - Sandan
Founder, CEO and Chief Sensei
Sensie MoleySensei Moley started studying Shotokan Karate in the evening three times a week. By the time she was a Green Belt she had engrossed herself so much that she decided she wanted to study, learn and eventually teach Shotokan Karate and so took a leap of faith and resigned from her job and started practicing and learning about karate on a full time basis.
Teaching since 2008, Sensei Moley has built up Kosmo SKC from a single class starting with just one student, to a school that has 3 Senseis who teach over 150 students every week and as a result is now looking to add further qualified Senseis to the staff.
Engrossing both herself and the company into the community, Sensei Moley has held seminars, taught in Youth Centers, worked with the local council to get children off the streets and has been hired by local schools to run controlled discipline 6-month courses for children.
Having trained under a number of Masters across the country, Sensei Moley has experienced numerous teaching and disciplinary styles which she incorporates and mixes with her own ideas to make a magnificent blend of fun, education and discipline which remain constant in every class she teaches in.

She has trained with and received wonderful life lessons from some great masters across the years including Yokota and Kanazawa. But her love remains with all her extended karate family up north with the BSKI - Gidley Sensei and his wonderful team whom still advise her to this day. Her favourite part of karate is to visit, train and learn with the instructors from BSKI and she remains truly dedicated to continuing her journey in Shotokan with these very knowledgeable and special Sensei's.

Sensie Charlie & JackSensei Charlie - Shodan
Sensei and chief instructor for self defense
Growing up in Peterborough, Sensei Charlie originally studied Boxing and Thai Boxing. Since moving to London, he took up Shotokan Karate and is now a fundamental part of the Kosmo SKC Team.
Sensei Charlie provides unique knowledge of sparring, Jiyu Kumite, Ippons and the applications/Bunkai of Kata and Kihon. He also brings extensive knowledge of weapons defence and is self-taught in Myology (Muscles), Arthrology (Joints) and Osteology (Bones).
Charlie teaches alongside Sensei Moley in many of the classes throughout the week and also runs additional self defence private classes and occasional self defence seminars.

Sensei Fiona – Nidan
Sensei Fiona initially joined the company as an assistant to Sensei Moley. She has since however, not only been given her own class but as that class has been so successful she now has her own assistant.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Miles was brought on board to take over the business side of Kosmo SKC, allowing Sensei Moley and Sensei Charlie to focus their time on the actual teaching and growth of the club.
Managing all licenses and Membership as well as website writing, flyer designing and database management.
Miles runs the Grading Days, and is the main liaison between the club and its members.

Mr. O - The behind the scenes technical man

Mr. O is an asset to our club. He has put many, many hours into helping us expand our club, as well as assist Tom with the photography, building this amazing website and helping us to ensure our grading days are ran smoothly. Without Mr. O, Sensei Moley would be lost!

Professional Artist
Chris is a freelance artist who works predominantly in ball point pen and pencil. He mainly focusses his work on still life and humans. Chris has been chosen exclusively for all our original artwork.
To view more of Chris’ work or to contact him for commissions please visit www.chrishack.co.uk

Artist - Graphic Design
Tracey is a freelance artist based in South Africa who has been chosen exclusively for the graphc design within the website. Tracey focusses her portfolio on painting wildlife in watercolor, acrylics and sketchings in pencils and pastels.
To view more of Tracey’s work or to contact her for commissions please visit www.clipperfire.co.za